Saturday, March 19, 2011

hahahaha all of my older posts are plain funny. yeah sometimes life can be that bad hahaha omg i cant stop laughing my ass off.

so, hi again. its been a year huh. im 16 nowwww, and going to be 17 this october! yay! and nay! im getting older. the end of year 11 is getting closer, which means year 12 is getting closer too. yea. f. m. l. another try outs, exams, courses, tests, another failures and..... repeat. wait what its 2:21 pm already? ha. ha. ha. sure time flies that fast.

2011 is not that good i think. the nye was all messed up. or at least, ive been better in 2010. but since 2011 is still a long way to go...... lets just see......