Friday, July 23, 2010

nice one, dad.
whats next? youre going to tell me that im such an idiot? a pain in the ass? worst daughter ever?

you once told me that i have no brain, dad.
i was 13.
do you know that i cried the whole night that day? no. cause you just dont care.
and i will remember that for the rest of my life.

last night, he left me for dinner because he told me that i have a bad attitude and he said he lost his appetite by seeing my face. ha. best dad i ever met. best dad i ever have.

and once again, i cried for a long time last night.
again, he didnt care.

dad? is he even qualified as a DAD?
dad shouldnt be like that, right? .......or no?

its funny to call this place as a home. it seems like a hell hole to me.
everyone in this house are fake.
i dont want to live here.

maybe you'll think that im such a childish brat or whatever.
but seriously, i never liked that. that's just........ mean.

Friday, July 9, 2010

this is goodbye then.
see u soon.
i hope you'll get what you want, or they want.
i still hoping that you'll come back.

!uoy ssim i
xi ipa 3, cant wait to meet u, all of u.

and xd? i miss you, a lot.
thanks for everything!
forever is a lie.

no, not forever-is-until-he/she-find-someone-new.
thats just simply...weird. pathetic.

i dont believe in forever.
i mean,
everything, everyone, they are going to change.
none of them are going to stay the same.
especially, feelings.

i can say, im gonna hate you forever.
well maybe less than 24 hours, i dont hate 'you' anymore.

see? everything's changing. ha.

Monday, July 5, 2010

hello mellow. happy holiday people.

i went to australia last week. it was... nice. and i got science class, im happy but.. ya, just simply happy. i already bought Wanted, the last book of PLL series, which is, the best thing about this holiday, even though the ending was kinda creepy.

and anyway, i havent watched Eclipse. i feel weird, cause new moon was so bloody romantic and I HATE IT. and i guess Eclipse is so....bloody romantic just like new moon. well at least i can see more and more volturi(s). haha.

so hows your holiday people?

i feel empty.