Friday, July 23, 2010

nice one, dad.
whats next? youre going to tell me that im such an idiot? a pain in the ass? worst daughter ever?

you once told me that i have no brain, dad.
i was 13.
do you know that i cried the whole night that day? no. cause you just dont care.
and i will remember that for the rest of my life.

last night, he left me for dinner because he told me that i have a bad attitude and he said he lost his appetite by seeing my face. ha. best dad i ever met. best dad i ever have.

and once again, i cried for a long time last night.
again, he didnt care.

dad? is he even qualified as a DAD?
dad shouldnt be like that, right? .......or no?

its funny to call this place as a home. it seems like a hell hole to me.
everyone in this house are fake.
i dont want to live here.

maybe you'll think that im such a childish brat or whatever.
but seriously, i never liked that. that's just........ mean.

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