Thursday, September 2, 2010

kay, just forget about my last post. that was mean, and i would never forget that, but i have to forgive him. fyi, he didnt say "sorry". he'll never say that word unless it's idul fitri, ha. so after all, i forgive him. done.

im fasting.

and now, im sitting and typing, with tissues all around me. yessssss, flu. i cant stop sneezing, and literally look like anak ingusan. so i skipped school today :(

anyway, they just need to be written. so if you feel offended, sorry maybe that's you, or not.

stop being so noisy, its annoying. AND PLEASE, try to understand someone's feelings. Please stop with those 'i-dont-fucking-care' thingy. and, when im tired/sick, all i wanna do is get some rest, so dont force me to do something. you're not my boss anyway. just do it yourself.

ok. so, bye.

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